Natural Empowerment through Body Chemistry with Dr. Renee Detky


“Anti-aging” is about slowing how much our age shows while embracing the wisdom and changes it brings. The healthier the whole body is, the more it shows on our faces and in our energy levels. My goal is to help you look great for your age and always have high energy. This list of anti-aging tips really instructs you on how to stay healthy overall:

Update:  The best thing in anti- aging that the over forty crowd will see in our lifetime is definitely BEMER.  This machine was designed in Germany 20 years ago.  I added it to my life and office September of 2016.  It increases microcirculation.  This feeds every cell in the body more nutrients and oxygen.  It speeds up healing.  There is nothing else like it.  There are 42 articles on  YouTube is going crazy with testimonials.  
I have personally experienced increase in energy, better sleep, more mental acuity, less wrinkles, stronger muscles, and better sex.  There is research showing it improves cardio vascular function, depression and diabetes. NASA signed a contract with BEMER because they could not duplicate the amazing five international patents.  Everyone can try a complimentary session in my office.

           1) Stay at your ideal weight.  The first thing people notice about us after determining our gender is our size.  Fifteen pounds can make a noticeable difference in our appearance and how well we feel. Normal body weight improves glucose levels, high blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, as well as longevity.  Learn what needs to be done to keep your weight under control. Ideal Protein offers some great secrets and remedies for losing weight, but most importantly, keeping it off.

      2)  Let your food be your medicine.  Fresh fruits, vegetables and fish cannot be stressed enough. The Perricone Promise is an easy read on looking younger.  Each of us should consume eight fruits or vegetables each day.  I recommend at least three of these should be raw.  Leafy green vegetables are the top of this list.  Put into action the things on my Basic Nutrition Information Sheet.

3)  Keep your inflammation down.  Inflammation presents differently in each body.  It can be acne, psoriasis, diverticulitis, arterial sclerosis, arthritis, or many other conditions. This can be checked with a blood test marker called Homocysteine.  Ideally it should be below 7.  Having high homocysteine not only reflects inflammation, but also a need for more anitoxidants. A diet filled with fruits and vegetables is high in antioxidants.  They help eliminate the toxins that we are exposed to daily.  Pain can be a symptom of needing more antioxidants.  Fresh watercress is the vegetable in America containing the most antioxidants. Goji berries are the fruit with the most.  Add them both to your diet. 

Antioxidants are precursors to the production of glutathione. This super antioxidant is an important factor in a phase II detoxification cycle of the liver.  Glutathione boosts the immune system.  It reduces inflammation and helps eliminate free radicals.  Diabetics do not produce it.  Smokers need extra to clean out the excess toxins produced by cigarettes. Glutathione is difficult to absorb via the digestive track.  Certain companies pack it in phosopholipids to carry it into the system efficiently.  It can be taken intravenously or applied trans-dermally.  We carry both a cream to rub into the skin called Oxi-cell, and a phospholiped base.  A very knowledgeable doctor friend of mine uses the transdermal as her night cream.  Her skin is gorgeous.

Inflammation can also be increased or decreased by the foods we eat, or do not eat.  The most common inflammatory foods are: wheat (all gluten), dairy (not eggs), soy based products, tomatoes, alcohol, caffeine, and peanuts. Insulin is an inflammatory hormone.  The more insulin we provoke our pancreas to produce the more inflamed we become.  Limit alcohol or sugar to two days per week.  Have only one high carb food per meal.  More information an eating an anti-inflammatory diet can be found in Monica Rinagel’s book Inflammation Diet Plan.  Knowing what your blood type is can also be a great step to healing inflammation. 

Some people are able to maintain their weight and still eat lots of goodies.  This leads to a blood sugar imbalance called hypoglycemia.  This is over production of insulin that leads to light headedness and mood swings between meals.  Fasting glucose levels below 85, or triglycerides below 75 are both signs of too much insulin to function at your peak.

4) Eat plenty of the healthy fats and very few grains.  One of the most important biochemical changes in aging is a change in the cellular membrane phospholipid composition.  Each membrane is 70% fatty acid.  This part of the cell initiates and directs cellular activity.  Since Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief, in 2008, scientists have referred to this as the “mem-brain” of the cell. 

Fried food (any heated fat) ages us more rapidly.  The neurotransmitters in our brain communicate more efficiently with a ratio of four Omega 6 oils to one Omega 3.  Eating raw fish, seed, and nut oils is best for keeping that membrane and our body flexible.  Don’t be afraid of egg yolks or meals high in olive, coconut, or hemp oils.  This should be part of our daily diet.

Phosphatidyl Choline is the single most important lipid because it makes up half the membrane of each cell.  This membrane carries the signals from every nerve.   It manages the production of energy in our mitochondria.  It is a transport mechanism that conveys signals from our retina to the brain.  Without this membrane the cell cannot survive. Phosphatidyl Choline is any easy way to detoxify the body.  It is a cleanser, helping each cell to eliminate toxins while storing nutrients. Choline can be found in egg yolks for the young and healthy.  If you are overcoming health issues, supplement your diet with Phosphatidyl Choline. This will help make not only each cell membrane or flexible but every organ in your body.

Aging gracefully is having a clear mind without dementia until your very last day.  Dr. David Perlmutter, author of Grain Brain, teaches the key to a great brain our whole life is lower carbohydrates with little to no grains.  This is along the lines of a Paleo diet.  Grains, especially gluten can do damage to our intestinal tract and blood brain barrier.  Eliminating gluten can reduce inflammation within months healing of the brain can begin.  A ketogenic diet has been proven to make great improvement for some Alzheimer's patients.  


5) Make sure your body is provided with plenty of oxygen. There are three major issues that affect our blood’s ability to transport oxygen most effectively.

The first and most common is blood sugar imbalance.  Even people not diagnosed with diabetes can have times of high glucose levels.  Triglycerides are over 100 on a fasting blood test reflect too many carbohydrates or too much food being consumed at a given meal.  Triglycerides are a fat formed in the blood when blood sugar is too high.  They cannot be lowered by taking a statin drug. Fasting glucose levels can also be too low.  Hypoglycemia especially affects the delivery of oxygen to the brain.  The brain uses more oxygen then all other organs combined.  Low levels of oxygen can cause depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, decreased libido, insomnia, seizures, and dementia.

The second issue is B-12 anemia. Do not allow anemia to decrease energy or increase risk of cancer. If energy is not high, try a sublingual B-12.  If it does not assimilate via meat, it won’t go through the digestive track via a pill either. The membrane of the mouth can absorb things into the blood stream that sometimes are not being digested. B-12 and B complex with fat burner shots are available in my office on Fridays from 10am to 4pm.  B-12 is an important nutrient in sleep, anxiety, digestion, energy production, and many other metabolic functions.

The third issue that affects oxygen delivery to the organs is iron anemia.  Like a B-12 deficiency, iron anemia can affect energy levels, cancer risk, weight loss and mental processes. Unlike B-12 it is not safe to take if there is no deficiency.  Surplus iron in the body is another free radical running around the body. It can cause inflammation and needs to be eliminated through detoxification pathways.

      Exercise is the best way to get more oxygen into the body.  Physical movement gives us more energy. The best form of exercise is the one that you will do every day. If you love music, dance to the rhythm. If you are an extrovert, join a group. If you are an introvert, buy a video. Keep trying until you find one that fits your personality and your time constraints. Each organ in our body benefits from exercise. Even ten minutes five days a week can make a huge difference. The secret is to move and breathe.  Exercise adds life to our days.

When you are healthy on the inside, it shows on the outside and in your energy level.  Set up an appointment,

 if you do not look and feel your very best.  We will work together to make your life the best it can be.