Natural Empowerment through Body Chemistry with Dr. Renee Detky

Weight Loss

Twenty years ago we were taught weight loss was a matter of burning more calories than we consumed.  Although the quantity of calories still matters, the quality of what we consume is a much larger factor.  The food available to our grandparents was so different than what we are offered or can even acquire in this century.  Health issues and toxic exposure affect our ability to lose weight. 

American fast food diets and fast paced lifestyles are contributing to our unhealthy and/or overweight bodies.  However, it is possible in this society to lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight.  The older we get, the more determination it takes both to stay in shape and control weight gain.  Through much personal research, and my work with many successful dieters, I have learned lots of time tested weight loss secrets.  The most important of these being that each one of us is on our own journey. 

Physical differences can make one person’s helpful diet hints very different from what will help the next person.   Emotional issues we carry can also affect how we hold on to or lose our weight.  Learning to overcome our bad habits of the past is a very individual commitment.  Putting together a diet plan with a client is a very personal trail. We blaze it together. 

Weight loss programs vary widely from on person to the next.  Testing may be necessary to determine what works best.   Ideal Protein is the safe, and rapid weight loss plan.  It helps increase your body’s rate of metabolism.  It has helped countless people come off prescription medications, and improve their overall health.  It is a known cure for metabolic syndrome.  It works for diabetics.  Ideal Protein protocol is approved by the F.D.A.  I offer a large array of different weight loss methods.

Anyone who has ever lost weight has hit a plateau.  We will work to find the root cause  you have run into a plateau doing it on your own, or with another plan.  I work with clients one on one, to help them determine solutions to plateaus.  Drinking enough water is important for losing weight.  Getting enough sleep can affect our weight going up or down.  I help clients realize everything we drink can contribute to weight gain.  With much probing I helped a client find 200 hidden calories of milk in a cappuccino, five days a week. Skipping meals can also cause weight loss plateaus.

Insulin is the hormone that tells our body to store fat.  Unsweetened, black coffee can cause our pancreas to secrete insulin.  One teaspoon of corn syrup can cause enough insulin production to increase fat stores around our mid section.  That is sufficient blood sugar spike to hinder our immune system.   The same amount of sugar from a fresh piece of fruit reacts differently in our bodies.  The fruit fiber helps slow down the glucose spike.  The enzymes of fresh fruits and vegetables help steer the body towards eliminations not storage.

The plateaus and struggles of each person’s weight loss vary drastically. Some clients are born with slower metabolisms than others.  As we age we all slow down.  It is possible for each of us to find a healthy weight.  Even in our fast paced high tech world, we can eat in restaurants and still keep our steady weight.    We can drink wine or coffee, and remain at a healthy place on the scale.  A great goal, especially for females, is to be able to wear whatever clothes we like.       

Losing weight for some people can literally be about changing our taste buds.  Healthy food can taste delicious.  Both salty and sweet cravings can be satisfied.  There is a lot of benefit to learning to include varying flavors in our weekly menu.  Ayurvedic methods teach us to include bitter, sour, and pungent flavors.  That does not mean we all have to like horseradish.  Many people are lured by the aroma of coffee, and then grow to like that bitter taste.

If you have hit a wall with your weight loss, I can coach you through the plateaus.  I will guide you in overcoming things that hinder your goal.  I can help you determine if this is the wrong time in your life to be demanding your body burn off more fat.  Super stressful times, such as a job change, relocation, divorce, or death of a loved one are not good times to be reducing your number on the scale.  I teach people that weight loss is actually an unnatural state.  Periods of time should be scheduled for moving the scale down.  Times of jubilation should be set to eat and be merry.  Remember in our healthy journey, food is one of the joys of life.