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Meet Dr. Renee Detky

Doctor of Natural Health

Since 2005, Dr. Renee has been helping her clients live happy & healthy lives through body chemistry. Unlike medical doctors, Dr. Renee takes a natural and individualized approach to health & wellness. Her complete functional testing (via urine, blood, and pH analysis) allows every client to receive personalized treatment and one-on-one education. Her life changing guidance has helped many individuals go from barely surviving to absolutely thriving!

Instead of struggling alone through chronic illness, weight loss struggles, or constant fatigue, ask Dr. Renee how she can help you achieve optimal health & wellness.


Achieve It Naturally

Your Health Starts Here
Meet Dr. Renee
Why Naturopathy

Why Natural Health?

Dr Renee's personalized testing & natural remedies

can help with...

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Gut health struggles present themselves in many ways from chronic bloating, to stomach aches, or even Crohn's disease. With the right diet and proper guidance relief is possible!

Fatigue & Energy Levels

Improving energy and is Dr. Renee's specialty!


Using Natural Remedies will help your body detox and lower inflammation.

Weight Loss

Whether you want to lose 3lbs or 30lbs, she can guide you on your way to healthy & sustainable living.

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Auto-Immune Issues

Many clients have come to Dr. Renee dealng with Hashimoto's, Crohn's, Lupus, Celiac, and many other auto-immune diseases. Through her coaching, her clients are able to change their lives.


Could your symptoms be a vitamin B-12 or other deficiency? Let's find out together!

Depression, Anxiety, & Cognitive Decline

Rebalance mind and body holistically. A healthy body supports our mental health and proper brain function.  

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Services & Forms

Individualized treatment starts with understanding your body's specific needs. From allergy testing, to blood analysis we can curate the treatment plan meant for you.

Initial Intake Forms

Brain Quiz

 (Available in PDF format to print and fill out or Word document format  to fill out on computer and print completed)

Initial Consultation


Your Health Starts Here


Contact Info


2305 Urban Rd Jacksonville, FL 32210

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*Please call to schedule an appointment.


Flexible Office Hours:

Monday through Friday 

10:00am - 4:00pm

Saturdays 11:00am - 1:00pm

Sunday - Closed

Additional Information

Can I pay with my Insurance or HSA?

Health Savings Accounts & Flex Spending Accounts can be used for services and lab work.

For consultations and supplements, insurance is NOT ACCEPTED.

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