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Services & Forms


Dr. Renee offers a variety of personalized services & sessions to take you from surviving to thriving. See benefits & services available below.

Please fill these forms out before your first appointment.

Brain Quiz

Initial Consultation

 (Available in PDF format to print & fill out. Or Word Document format to fill out on computer and print completed.)


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Lifewave Patches

BEMER: Circulation & Necrotic Tissue Restoring Treatment 

Allergy Testing

Drug-free Anxiety Relief

Autoimmune Education

Blood Nutrition Functional Analysis

B-12 & B-Complex with Fat Burner Shots

Cancer Prevention Education

Dietary Education 

Drug-free Depression Relief 

Living Gluten-Free Education

Living with Hashimoto's Education 

Fatigue Relief

Leaky Gut Healing

ALCAT Food Sensitivity Laboratory Testing

Cyrex Labs Tests

PH Testing

Repairing Blood Brain Barrier Protocol

Neuropathy Treatments for Nerve Reconstruction

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